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Our Background

Through a variety of ministry and relational activities, Rho Delta Kappa inspires its members to adopt important values such as leadership, generosity, love, and faithfulness to Christ.

Since 2021, members have upheld these values through seeking God together, outreach, philanthropy, character and/spiritual development and solid relationship-building skills. Our members are actively involved in many events throughout the year, allowing them to create lifelong bonds and consistently give back to the community as we seek to share the heart of God. 

Your support helps us to demonstrate the overwhelming transforming love of God to women. Through this Sisterhood we have witnessed salvations, miracles, and significant spiritual growth fulfilling the great commission of Matthew 10:7-8.

Princess Praise Report

Princess GG

Where do I start? I know, I'll begin by saying that we have the most amazing Father!! What I have experienced this weekend is beyond words. I saw miracles, healing, signs, wonders and most of all PURE LOVE! I know I will sound like all my sisters when I say this, but the Princess Perspective Experience has jolted me into whole new level of intimacy with our Father. I feel that He has aloud me to close the doors that remained cracked open by my own stubbornness and pride. I rejoice in the renewed freedom that I have walked away with from this retreat. I came home so excited to see my family but, I was also a bit sad because I wanted to stay with my new sisters and watch each of us leap mountains with hinds feet. I had no idea what I was walking into.  Lisa, my friend, told me to be prepared to become a new women and she was not kidding in the least bit!! I am excited about the opportunity to go back next year and serve. Please, if you do anything at all for yourself next year let it be this. Sign up as early as you can!  See more Princess Praise Reports on our About page.

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We appreciate our Corporate Sponsors!

We are a family owned operated Wedding Planning Company and Wedding Photography Company in Destin, Florida. The teams specialize and are experienced In providing high quality destination beach weddings, wedding coordination and wedding photography. We believe that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others as we support the advancement of Kingdom of God. It is our privilege to partner with Rho Delta Kappa as they seek to reveal the heart of God towards women. You can reach us at

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