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About Rho Delta Kappa

Our History

Rho Delta Kappa was created out of the hearts of women whose lives were impacted by the love they received during The Princess Perspective Experience (Encounter Weekend). In 2014 a small group of about 16 ladies met at a beach house for our first event. I will never forget when one of the ladies pulled me aside to say that her life would never be the same after that weekend. Since then we have crowned hundreds of princesses from all all over the United States of America. Each year more and more daughters of God encounter His love like they never had before. We receive ongoing reports from ladies who have been healed of emotional, mental and spiritual trauma as well as physical conditions. Ladies meet God in very personal encounters that change them from the inside out. In 2017 A woman prophesied to  me, " The Princess Perspective is going to be done in Santa Rosa, CA." By 2019 I had multiple women begin to ask how do we bring this to their area. That's when the vision shifted. The Princess Perspective Ministries which was focused on ministering to beloved daughters is now raising up beloved daughters into mommas who will minister and raise up more women into much loved daughters as we all grow in the Extravagant LOVE of our Heavenly Father. In 2021 we begin an amazing new adventure of kingdom sisterhood known as  Rho Delta Kappa (Royal Daughters of the King).

Bible Text

Rho Delta Kappa is proud member of The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

The Princess Perspective Experience

The making of Royal Daughters


Princess Perspectives

Our Personal Experience

Princess Vicky

I can't believe the weekend I just spent with some of the most amazing women I have ever met while experiencing some of the most amazing moments of my walk with Christ in my life, during this retreat. I truly hope that every single women who wants to learn to love and champion other women,walk in freedom, operate from the identity of a loving Father God, and who wishes for the emotional and physical health of her sisters, women who want to see others through the loving lense of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, women who understand that they in some way were where others may be today, and their primary goal is to see others walking like the daughter of the most high God, should attend The Princess Perspective Experience. You should check out this page and get to know these amazing Holy Spirit women, and go to this life changing retreat. You will walk a path to a place of beauty and love you will never forget. These women can love the most broken places in your heart back to life... I will never ever forget the last few days.

Princess GG

Where do I start? I know, I'll begin by saying that we have the most amazing Father!! What I have experienced this weekend is beyond words. I saw miracles, healing, signs, wonders and most of all PURE LOVE! I know I will sound like all my sisters when I say this, but the Princess Perspective Experience has jolted me into whole new level of intimacy with our Father. I feel that He has aloud me to close the doors that remained cracked open by my own stubbornness and pride. I rejoice in the renewed freedom that I have walked away with from this retreat. I came home so excited to see my family but, I was also a bit sad because I wanted to stay with my new sisters and watch each of us leap mountains with hinds feet. I had no idea what I was walking into.  Lisa, my friend, told me to be prepared to become a new women and she was not kidding in the least bit!! I am excited about the opportunity to go back next year and serve. Please, if you do anything at all for yourself next year let it be this. Sign up as early as you can!

Princess Carrie

I can promise that you'll never be the same again after this conference. You'll be saturated in the Father's Love and He will show you that your true identity is not found in your past, or how man sees you. Your true identity is found in the Father's Love for you and He calls you Princess, Daughter and clothes you in HIS righteousness. Be prepared to be completely engulfed in His presence, bathed in His Love, and totally wrecked by His goodness..  It's the best decision you'll ever make. A lot really can happen in 3 days!!

Princess Becky

What a phenomenally life changing weekend. Now I understand the tagline " A lot can happen in three days." I highly recommend and encourage ALL women to give themselves the gift of seeing life from The Princess Perspective. I's who we really are as daughters of the Most High God. Every women deserves to know and experience this kind of love, empowerment and truth fro the heart of the Father!

Meet The Founder


"I was passionate about God. I just didn't know He was passionate about me."
-Julie White
After growing up going to church Julie was raised to love and serve God. Through out her life she has served and/or led in multiple areas of ministry. She received her ministry license while she served as a worship leader during her early thirties. However, Julie recognized that even though she encountered the presence of God through out her life and would sometimes hear His voice she felt distant from what she read in the New Testament. Out of her hearts desire to seek after what was missing from her personal Christian experience Julie asked God for more. God answered her prayers by revealing Himself as her loving Heavenly Father resulting in revelation of her own identity as a much loved daughter. Since then Julie burns to see others know God in the fullness of who He is as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and in turn discover their own value and destiny as beloved children of God.


Executive Board

Propelling Us Forward

Diana Wood

National Leader

Diana Wood_edited_edited.jpg

Sonya Cunningham

National Leader


Princess Mary

I love having friends that refuse to let me go backwards. When I'm tired they pick me up. When I'm weak they stand in the gap. When I want to quit they remind me why I'm fighting, who I'm fighting, who I'm fighting for and who gives me my strength. They learn so they can pour into me and help me grow too. I have someone I want to recognize today. Her name is Julie Marie White I wasn't really sure this chick was going to be my friend. She's bold like me and speaks her mind like I do. Julie is very firm on her beliefs and can't be shaken and I thought maybe she and I would butt heads if we ever had a disagreement. Oh gosh... was I mistaking. This friend is one of the kindest most generous loving people I know. Her boldness is one of the most admirable things about her. She is like me in that no religious spirit or person can shake her. Neither can the enemy. Julie has a heart of a lion and is eager to help others get everything she gets. She's not selfish and she never boasts. Julie is a one of a kind. I'll never forget our little conversations and the times she listened and heard me when I felt nobody else was there ( you know how we go through our moments). She ALWAYS has time for me. Well this is my friend who wouldn't let me say no to going to the retreat called Princess Perspective that God is using her to bring his Daughter's back to him. This weekend of love and being pampered is so needed for ladies to understand Our Heavenly Father's love. It was so powerful for me and I can't even believe I was hesitant to go. Julie, my sister, my friend.... she knew! She wouldn't give up. It's not that she was bugging me, she just knew it would change my life forever. That's a real friend! Someone who won't give up even when you want to. Because of her I started learning to trust again. I just wanted to highlight her today. She's one of my favorite people and I thank her more than she knows. If you get a chance please look up the Princess Perspective Experience and I'll be there this year.

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